Legislation requires correct labelling, helps.

What is labelling?

With ‘labelling’, we mean the correct labelling of foodstuffs. If you want to introduce a new product into the market, your product needs a label. Or maybe you want to export a product and you need your label to be translated. Eventually, labelling will be involved.

Why is labelling important?

The information on your product label is essential. It helps consumers to identify your product, to use it in a proper way and to make a considered choice. Consumers are looking at a label more and more critical, for example because of allergies, diet or religion.


All rules for labelling are defined in strict legislation. The consumer should not be misled. takes care of compiling a new label or translating your label and the packaging or design. Therefore, your product will not only comply with legal legislation, but also the wishes of the consumer.

Is your label correct?

Direct insight into the completeness of your label.

labelling translations

Export and translation carries out label ratings (label checks), advises and guides you in applying labelling legislation for EU countries. We check your labels against local legislation and ensure the labels are made by translators with knowledge of the content.

Read more about export and translation > assesses the information provided on your package worldwide.

The experts are your partner for labelling of all categories of FOOD products and for various ‘NON-FOOD’ products, such as:
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