Labelling legislation

The food information on your product label is essential. It helps a consumer identify your product, use it in a proper way and make a considered choice. Therefore, food labelling is defined in strict legislation.

Regulation EU 1169/2011

The main general legislation on food labelling in Europe is defined in EU Regulation 1169/2011. This regulation has been in force since 13 December 2014 and includes stipulations and responsibilities with respect to food information and food labelling.

Horizontal and vertical legislation

There is also legislation regarding claims, the use of additives and flavourings, as well as national laws and regulations regarding specific types or categories of food. The legislation for food products in Europe can be divided broadly into vertical and horizontal legislation.

Guaranteed a correct label

Signpost in the labelling legislation jungle

Legislation changes rapidly

Legislation is constantly changing and changes may have consequences for labelling your food products. Therefore, it is necessary to stay abreast of these changes and, when necessary, make adjustments.

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