In today’s market, retailers are having to deal with an increasing number of private labels while consumers want more precise information about what they are eating. Because of this, there is a growing worldwide need among retailers and consumers for accurate and clear labelling.

The accessible world market offers plenty of opportunities for success. Up-to-date knowledge of international compliance is an explicit condition for conducting business in and supplying products to other countries. Laws and regulations, but also correct translations are vital.’s extensive LabelCheck, and of course our experts ensure this complex mire of requirements is easily overcome.

Guaranteed a correct label

Reliable and meeting the highest standards

LabelChecks sets and meets high standards, making us a reliable partner to our customers.

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Part of World of Compliance is part of KTBA LabelCompliance, a rapidly growing unit of World of Compliance. KTBA helps its customers achieve business success in the field of international Quality Assurance and offers profound knowledge and practical solutions.

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Become an expert with FoodCampus.

The LabelChecks’ experts share their knowledge on FoodCampus. This is the KTBA training centre where food professionals can be trained quickly and efficiently. The training “Labelling of foodstuffs” allows you to become an expert and teaches you how to draft or review labels and product information to ensure they meet legal legislations.

Would you like to know all there is to know about nutrition, allergens and labelling legislation?

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